Dark Clouds

March 6, 2010

Before I met you everything was gray

 I would wake up every morning thinking life’s a mistake

Depressed with stress made things in my life a mess

I would sit back drinking beer and just reminisce

 About times from the past watch the hourglass seep sand slow

 Nothing shined in my life damn glow

 Darkness made me a disgrace

 Couldn’t see things straight nor the hands in my face

 Then came you a.k.a. my silver lining

 Arrived with perfect timing all truth no lying

 Brought happiness to days that were uncertain

 Shield me from danger in my eyes girl you are perfect

 Hair as long time eyes bluer than the ocean

 I drown in you everyday your love is so potent

 Make me enjoy everyday as if it was the last

 The future is bright I’m no longer in the past

 Girl you see…

 Dark clouds have rolled by

 Sun light now graces my sky

 I’m not afraid, to live my life

 Because of you


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