Lust and Love

March 10, 2010

I can’t deny lust

And it shows.

Confusing every girl with love

And it grows.

Roaming Casanova there’s no way

I settle down,

Start looking for Mrs. Right

And they turn to right now, they turn to right now.

But how the hell can I say no.

When I got a gift to gab at every girl though.

Make em laugh off of every word I say,

Put their number in my phone and grab another one the next day.

Katie’s brown eyes make me hypnotized,

To the point I have to see em when we make love,

And Abby’s personality makes it hard to leave in the morning

But I gotta say enough.

What am I to do?

When I hear Addie’s sweet voice telling me to be with her curves,

But im with you.

Shannon you are so not my type

But your hands work magic,

Releasing the stress from my back and my neck

I can’t stand it, but I have to have it.

Blowing clouds of the northern lights,

My Swiss miss fits like no other type,

Call her in the morning she replies at night.

Matches me in every way, but every other night…

I get distracted

By a five foot six soccer player with a tight little body

Full lips and great fashion.

Jamie you got me by the throat and I gasp for your touch,

But Lisa’s in town and I can’t stand her up.

I just can’t get enough.


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