Street Mythology

March 24, 2010

I wrote this to the beat of Common’s “My Way Home” off of Kanye West’s Late Registration, my fave song on the CD.


street dreams are made of killers drug dealers and fiends

characters whose legends are larger than most dreams

an ordinary man with an ordinary scheme

who grows into a myth with stories up out the seems

no one knows exactly where his story begins

 but according to tons of witnesses we know where it ends

 some tell of tales where his face shines like the sun

while others give graphic depictions of a life undone

some say his strength was like hercules a mighty titan

and then he fell victim to the power of zeus’s lightning

to others he was soft and docile like aphrodite

 but whispers say athena repaid him for lonely nights

dionysus blinded him from hera’s heeds

 ignorning hermes warnings and apollo’s creed

 he fell victim to greed and sleeps by poseidon

 thats when i heard the police sirens


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