The Happiness of Being Poor

March 24, 2010

poor isn’t a way of life it’s a financial state in the present. Poorness doesn’t mean Sadness. Poorness doesn’t mean The End Of All Things. The best times of your life are when youre poor. Poorness brings friends Closer. Makes bonds Tighter. Poorness means finding happiness in small things. Dollar shots cold pizza boxed mac and cheese. My favorite times have been poor. Watching my two favorite teams win titles and celebrating with cheep beer instead of champagne. Passing out on a stranger’s couch in Oxford after sneaking beers into a reds game. Ice soccer in a thin coat. Thursday s on 15th and high drinking cheap vodka with friends in the same boat as me. Im happier with 32 dollars in my pocket than I ever was making 55,000 a year.  It will end soon. I will have money again. Money will bring stability, material. It will do so to my friends and pull us apart. Pizza will be replaced by proper meals. Natty light with fine wine. Visits to sorority houses at 3 a.m. to talk about nothing important will turn to bed at ten for work at nine. I will be viewed differently not better. I will have the things I need to live happily to most. To me it will not be the same. I will miss being poor and the happiness it brought me.


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