Pretty Brown Eyes

April 6, 2010

Pretty Brown Eyes at the coffee shop on High

The thought of them carries me through my long days,

Orange spice tea with two spoons of honey

A smile across your face, this one constant always makes you laugh.

Pretty Brown Eyes so sultry and satisfying

A theme so rare to find,

I lust for blue and every other hue

But yours could suit me for quite a long time.

Pretty Brown Eyes so simple so bright

They could turn cold days to warm nights,

The last thought before I dream

The first thought before I wake.

Pretty Brown Eyes, with hair black or blonde

Full lips, rosy cheeks and a purple rose on your wrist,

Imagery for poetry, a wonderful piece of reality

That is a beautiful everyday occurrence.


One Response to “Pretty Brown Eyes”

  1. Freeman Stromme Says:

    while some people love blue eyes, i really have like brown eyes and i found them to be very very attractive. ^

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