Secret Love

April 11, 2010

So beautiful such a wonderful picture
Such a sight to behold and so sad how i miss you
If I came earlier we would be together
maybe high school sweethearts secret love i’ll never,
forget your special days or sacred occasions
Cause you any pain or give you abrasions
I’ll do anything to make you feel like a goddess
For you my secret love i’ll be faithful i promise,
let no one come between us even ourselves
on days you feel like crying until your eyes swell
let me console you in your times of need
I tell you my secret love i’ll give you everything,
comfort and warmth, a brand new car
gold, diamonds and pearls the moon and the stars
champagne wishes and caviar dreams
It’s yours my secret love whatever you dream,
all this i say is just imagination
because i’m too late, too much time i’ve wasted
maybe one day I’ll love you like no other
until then I can only send secret love.


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