Pretty In Pink

May 7, 2010

(Verse 1)

Pretty in pink five foot seven dark brown hair

pretty blue eyes perfect lips and savior faire

cloudy skies clear for her anywhere

to catch her eyes would be a dream to bear

take a walk together, lay in the tulip fields

it’s a dream come true, the way the flowers feel

lets fly to Hawaii, feel the ocean breeze

just me and you, happy as can be


maybe this is just a silly dream, random thoughts of a fool

but emotions are a crazy thing, you don’t know what to do

it could be another boyish crush, girl just to feel your touch

what can a man do? Oh what could a man do?

(Verse 2)

pretty in pink what can I do to get next to you

hold your hand or press my lips close to yours

silly me, wonderin how to impress you

got a thought, what you think about it girl?
(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)


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