Foolish Behavior

May 8, 2010

Foolish behavior is reckless abandon where care for others is tossed to the wind. It is selfish, self-absorbed, cries for attention of both the good and the bad and it creates havoc for all involved, especially the antagonist. It is erratic emotions, anger to the point of violence, lust to the point of prostituting yourself for meaningless pleasure, lack of caring, feeling… no ambition to take the world by the horns and turn it on its ass. Sitting on your ass and gazing at every sundown and sunup with fiery cynicism and anguish. It is confusing lust for love vice versa. Using sex to bring someone closer to you when it does nothing but push you further apart. Choosing a mate for looks and status, not for comfort or care. Decisions like these make for woeful midyears and lonely last days. It’s not knowing what’s good for you until in the rearview. Wishing you would’ve paid attention in class, listened to your girlfriends, ran that extra mile. It’s dwelling on the things you can’t change and refuse to change. It’s in all of us. We’re all fools whether we’ve come to understand it or not.


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