May 15, 2010

(Verse 1)

This is real no fiction

Never mind the spelling, pardon the diction

Im so blunt that it hurts feelings

I have heart disease from too many bad women

I should be a mr. potato head

Cuz women play with me rearranging my knees and head

And they wonder why I leave after they give me head

Cuz I can be a dog with my heart tucked between my legs

Ive heard the arguments no ones right or wrong

Its better baby when were sexing we can get along

I cant help it that im actually a nice guy

You say that’s what you need but all you do is pass by

So who’s wrong the female liar?

Or the man that keeps it real he’s just a meat supplier

I swear sometimes I want to turn into a pimp

But a pretty face turns me to a simp


Heard so many lies, I cant count the  times

You have done harm to me, please just move on from me

I am so sick of you, and everything you

Done so much harm to me, please just move on from me

(Verse 2)

One day you’ll find the right girl

Unfortunately im not her

I don’t deserve you, we should be friends

After one date I think this should end

Women are the only true players

Cuz you got what they need but you’re not Gale Sayers

Then once they find something that they think fits their life

They realize material cant comfort them at night

Cant ease all their fears, make them feel special

Its all about status if you got it then they bless you

They rain down emotions and shower you with stories

That’s why I learned to put em all in different categories

Friends, bitches, girlfriends, hoes

Put em in their place but don’t have more than four

Cuz if you try to mix them that’s when your problems start

And don’t ever let em close to your heart


(Verse 3)

Are we afraid to commit

You’ve heard that all before its really bullshit

Cuz once a man finds love and wants to move past

All the silliness and kiddy shit women get passive

Take it slow, see other people

Love you one second, next they spread ether

I swear women are the cruelest creatures

Their emotions only matter like a couple’s one speaker

We cant do this, I cant do that

And when you plead your case they cant see past

Their selfish wants and their silly little needs

That they know that you match but they’ll have you on your knees

The letdown is so cold

And to them it never gets old

Its like deep down it makes you wanna cringe

When she thinks its ok to say lets be friends

And they wonder why we wanna be players

Options is key in a love elevator

Why are women so scared?

And whats worse is their vision is impaired

I don’t waste time anymore

She said im not what she was looking for

Then she got jealous seein me with a friend

The selfishness never has an end



One Response to “Harm”

  1. Andrew M Says:

    Hey man- love the rap- hope to hear it live one day. Hope you are doing well homey. You got my number if you want to talk.

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