10 Ways To View A Woman

June 8, 2010


In a room of strangers,

As recognizable as the song that

Pleases ears through the speakers


500 watt bulbs brighten the field

The delicacy of the hazel hue of her eyes

Shines brighter


A sloppy mess that most use for pleasure

Yet needs pleasure that stretches beyond physicality


Longing for attention

Her curves do talking in outfits

Her lips wouldn’t dare speak of


Passionate. Angry.

Twirling in fury hoping to scare sense

Into those that appose her


Soft as milk.

As temperatures rise

Pillars of steam billow from her mouth

At the highest peak


Silence. Pain. Anguish.

Contemplation. Uncertainty.

Tarnished memories. Silence.


Teddy Ruxpin at age 8.

He-man at 11, Madden at 14

A toy made for fun

Then left for others enjoyment.


Jealous of the smile.

No one can speak to her, I won’t allow it

Allow no looks or camaraderie

Because she may be gone in an instant.


Monsoons of emotion rain down

Fearful of drowning I search for safety

It sits with arms stretched wide as mountains

Eager to calm and please.


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