The Modern Day Ophelia

June 22, 2010

She dreamt of love. The warm embrace of someone that cared for the wants and needs of a pretty woman of the ideal weight and height. She lay in the fields basking in the suns glow until her skin became a beautiful bronzed hue. She had soothing hands, tension calming signals emerged from her fingertips that were similar to the neutrons that were emitted from her lips. Sweet enough to care for children, hard enough to be firm in her beliefs. Comforting in times of need, challenging when faced with personal peril. She was a dream woman who we would love more than anything else. She thought love would play like scene from her favorite movie—instead it went from a fairy tale to a tear-jerking heartbreak. Now she’s floating away in her own tears, watching the leaves fall from the trees and clouds cover the sun in the sky. Drowning in her own sorrow—never to return.


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