July 1, 2010

When did a father become a hindrance? Fathers are supposed to be the backbone of the family strong and uplifting through any hardship. A leader, Sheppard of the flock protecting us from evil and using his wisdom to lead us away from harm. Though he isn’t superman he tries his damnest to be him. He’ll treat his daughter like a princess when his funds are low, his wife like a queen even in times of frustration, his son like a warrior, giving him guidance whenever he can through a rigorous schedule. He his king of castle and leader or his domain, he strikes fear into the hearts of those that oppose him yet has a lion’s heart when it comes to caring for others. Now what is he. Invisible, broken, a mirage. He is Snuffleupagus, you see him but others don’t further questioning his existence. He doesn’t play catch with me, instead project walls do. He doesn’t teach me to shave, the mirror does. There’s no talk of sex or women, those are learned from music and television. Mother’s divorce them for failures of the heart, children disown them for failure or presence. Some have far too many seeds and soil to count how many beautiful flowers they’ve produced, instead leaving them to wilt in the sun they know nothing about. For a daughter you are told never meet a man like your father, but for sons we look in the same mirror that we’ve taught ourselves most things that he couldn’t and wonder with worry—will we become the men that our mothers divorce?


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