The True You

July 6, 2010

What was that look for?
You eyes like knives piercing mine
You curl you’re mouth in disgust
Am I still a desire in your mind?

Why even pay me attention?
You lied gain mine
Then cut tie for reasons unknown
Do you regret that unfortunate day?

Is it your sign of affection?
Your misery wants company,
You lie alone in the dark
Do you want a light to shine from me?

Did I ask why you were here?
Our love now lies buried in the basement of my brain
Next to failures long passed
Did you think I would be in anguish?

Were you really a wounded angel?
Words once heavy now seem weightless
Truth became lies now seen by clear eyes
Was it love you sought or lusted for attention?

You’re the same person I remember
Now about you I know more
The true you was revealed when you let your guard down
So I now know what that look is for.


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