The Hopeless Follower

July 15, 2010

My focus wanes, insanity surfaces
This isn’t how lovers act, but how lovers fade to black

Appetite shrinking, alcohol consumption expands
Aches and pains multiply
The alcohol acts like astringent for these cuts created by you and I

Answers would be nice not the ignorance or ignoring me
So I lie like you tease, I think we enjoy this purgatory

Love you? more like lust you
I thought I wanted to be important to you
Now I know I can only be a temporary relief

So we’re not for each other, give me my papers and give me leave
Instead you lead me on then lead me astray

Now come the what’s, to do, to say, to feel
The who’s. to call, to talk to
And everyone’s least favorite, the why, self –explanatory

The chit-chat from friends is even more annoying
Is he ok? Hurt? Angry?
The whispers affect me as much as your silence
I hear both, and can’t do much for either

I would ask you not to treat me this way
But I know you won’t listen
And I deserve it if I allow it to continue to happen
Thanks for the hurricane of selfish emotion
Yet I’m the idiot that decided to try and brave the weather


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