Devil Child

August 2, 2010

Devil child, tool for seduction
Made for disruption, sexual eruption
Blind us with love we see between our eyes
Turnin out to be lies, heathenism in disguise
Hearts like Nintendo playin us for fun
Stick your trident through our heart and watch the blood run
Leavin victims on the floor with no sense of remorse
Man eater, love swallower defecatin our souls

Devil child, scarlet letter on your chest
Covered up by false beauty curves, nerves and breasts
Take holy matrimony break it down to the ground
Sex like a four pound gunnin your victims down
Take a man from his wife, the blind leadin the blind
Watch his son follow daddy it’s embedded in his mind
Mommy cryin no shoulder, feel the tumblin boulders
Runnin mommy over, no looks over his shoulder

Devil child, go and hide your identity
Whatever the remedy turn to a different entity
Cover the horns with weave tracks and poof
Hide the tail in your caboose make your target prey loose
Make the good lose focus turn em to a broke chick
Buying everything, to change what they oppose
Turns heads with your walk poison dreams with your thoughts
Spread insecurity, lust, greed, envy and sloth
Tell em that no man can ever do better
Make material the focus instead of growing to the heavens
Then forget it, get wetter, sleep with whoever
Drag yourself into a ditch, then turn it on him whatever
Tell em not to trust us, use lust as means to fuss
Drive em crazy leave em hazy as minds turn to mush
Then walk away with no closure
She damns us and blows kisses to console us


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