The Fox and The Ox

August 8, 2010

The Fox and the Ox

This is an observation about two creatures, a Fox and an Ox. I know the Fox through an acquaintance and have deal with the Ox first hand.

The Fox and the Ox are different but similar.
The Fox is small, the Ox is big. The Fox is sleek and nimble; the Ox is slow and walks with purpose.
The Fox has eyes made to fall in love, the Ox is caring and sweet and comforting to those around her.
The Fox is athletic and talented; the Ox is smart and skilled with food and plants.
The Fox is conniving and mischievous, the Ox lacks confidence and is stubborn in her ways.
The Fox tells lies to make herself seem more important to others, the Ox knows the right thing to do, but would rather do things in her own way.
The Fox feeds off of attention and hates when the other creatures receive it more than she does, the Ox is constantly seeking attention, yet when she receives it she shies away from it.
The Fox wants to be loved, but does everything possible to push love away from her, the Ox can be loved, but her stubbornness and lack of confidence make it impossible for anyone to love her.
The Fox and the Ox should both be happy, but they let happiness slip by them thanks to their shortcomings.
The Fox and the Ox must understand that staying set in their ways will not change the way that they feel.
The Fox and the Ox must learn how to deal with the attention they receive, once they do then they will be happy.
The Fox must learn how to keep friends closer and not try to push them away; the Ox must learn to trust people so she will not push them away.
The Fox and the Ox should realize how beautiful and wonderful they are, instead of letting the ugliness continue to rear its head.
Once they do they shall be happy and do things we all can applaud.
Until then the Fox and the Ox are just peas in a pod.


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