Remember Remember

September 11, 2010

remember remember the 11th of september

the day that changed all things that we could remember

the day that saw lives end with no good-byes

one of the few days that i swear i cried

before terrorists completed the blueprints to their plan

all i thought of was the blueprint out early for high demand

but not even jay could ease the pain in my brain

of waking up 8 in the morning hear the radio waves

one flew into tower two minutes before nine

the next hit minutes later they both fell to the ground

the pentagon attacked, people killed outside of PA

i stopped and prayed to god make it end today

it was worse than pearl harbor and before ms. katrina

a prelude to a war to shame us and demean us

its hard to reminisce of such a horrible scene

i grimace with touch of my fingers to these keys

(verse 2)

the city where i experienced my first everything

love drugs sex pain and ectasy

was vulnerable and crippled shaken to the core

i think about those people who lives fell to the floor

brokers, businessmen, mail workers, cops

and how misunderstood religion interfered with their jobs

how sons had no mothers and daughters with no fathers

spouses became widows and none would see coffins

i think of the muslims who are now misunderstood

we take them all for bombers the evil amongst the good

osama seems to be the new slur of choice

even if theyre hindu they sound the same in theyre voice

ive never read the Qu’ran or know of muslim teachings

but killing innocent people cant be what theyre teaching

i think about it all as i reminisce of that day

and hope these feelings pass and good memories stay

(verse 3)

remember remember that day in september

learn from the people in the city sleeping never

they knocked down the towers but didnt kill the spirit

the streets are still crowded the hustlers still gettin it

the cabs still driving the brokers still buying

knicks fans still crying and were all still grinding

try scare us all you want but cant change our routine

we were raised to be strong no matter how bleak it seems

parents hug your children husbands kiss your wives

go see a ballgame or catch a flick at five

because you never know it can change in an instant

be close to who you love and dont you ever forget it

and no matter the color of the terrorist alert

dont let these people change you and make you go berzerk

i want to honor those whose lives met an early december

so i vow to remember the 11th of september


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