The Walking Dead

September 16, 2010

Have you ever experienced the walking dead? They appear in and out of our daily lives with little imprint on our minds. Their appearance is dull, grey, frightening and saddening all in one. Their clothes are tattered, their shoes are either worn or nonexistent. Their skin is thin, dirty and disintegrated as if they’ve just risen from the grave. They walk with no purpose wandering aimlessly from dusk til dawn in search of sustenance anywhere or anyway that they can find it. They have nothing to lose. There is no place for them to rest in peace. No pearly gated community that soothes their minds or fire hot spot to keep them warm on cold nights. Their loneliness speaks volumes that single men and women could never understand. I fear them and fear for them. I fear that their loneliness and desperation may turn on me one night when I least expect it. I fear that while I know who I am and what my purpose is, they truly don’t know nor ever will. As I rest my head and think of what’s next in a life full of breath I say a prayer for the walking dead who haven’t known the beauty of fresh air in a long time. Hopefully, they find a direction that leads them out of this purgatory.


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