Excerpt Of Michael and the Lemon Tree

September 23, 2010

Michael looked confused, how could the fruit become bad because of what he ate he wondered, it didn’t make sense. “That’s silly” he said, “I haven’t even done anything.” “Do you know how this tree came to be?…” the worm asked. Michael shook his head no. “… The tree came from you. You swallowed a lemon seed and while inside of your stomach the tree began to grow. However, it needed more room to grow so it left your body through your mouth.” “You mean I sneezed out a lemon tree?”, asked Michael. “Yep. However, once it left you it was connected to you sense it grew inside of you. So the tree is only as healthy as you are.” Michael still couldn’t believe what the worm was telling him, “What do you mean as healthy as me?” “Well”, the worm said, “If you take care of yourself and eat properly then the tree will be big and strong and the fruit will be beautiful. But if you keep eating bad foods then the fruit will continue to go bad and the tree won’t last long at all.” Michael got upset at the worm. He thought that the worm was lying to him just to get to eat foods that he didn’t like. “You sound like my mom…” he said, “I don’t vegetables they taste funny.” “But Michael if you don’t eat them then you won’t grow to be big and strong like this tree. If you continue to eat badly then the fruit will get worse and so will the tree.” Michael walked away from the worm and into the house. As he walked in, the worm shook his head and went back inside of the tree.


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