How Lies Become True

September 29, 2010

One person says it… Bitterness
Two people say it… Gossip
Three people say it… Eyebrows begin to raise
Four people say it… Trouble begins to beckon
Five people say it… Then it turns on you
Six people say it… it must be true

A rumor can only be a rumor for so long before the truth of the perception of reality kicks in. When you’re constantly proclaiming yourself as the victim, it’s only a matter of time before the ugly head of the truth reveals you as the villain. Perception is like a trial: if more than one person claims a similar story then you are guilty. It’s only so long that you can take someone for granted before they see who you really are. Then they become the next one to see that what was once a childish rumor sprung from bitterness is actually a sad truth that you try so hard to mask but so easily let come to the light.

Seven have said it… Then eight,nine, then ten… It’s now to the point that you will never be trusted again.


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