Bulletpoints: Outline For A Recovering Casanova

October 11, 2010

• This pen and pad are my friends currently examining the thoughts that sprout from my brain.
• A still thought of a lady in high demand that rests on my brain though I can get no rest at all.
• How can Casanova gain women like interest yet cant close a deal on this one of a kind asset?
• Your rejections miff me to the point that I question myself—how can I be better for you?
• Hair? Perfect. Looks? Stunning. Attitude? Amazing—this is you and I, the perfect combination.
• Has she heard speech trough these thin unfriendly walls. Maybe a whisper in the night.
• A revelation in an instant—change is necessary. For one woman? Maybe. Maybe change is the order.
• Solution. Proof. Not in words but in actions. Not in vein, but from the heart. Belief in the eyes and heart.
• Next up? Do it. have patience because you will be tested. Yet the result will be worth the wait.


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