The Seven Deadly Sins Of Antonio Havardi

October 14, 2010

Laziness- sitting around waiting for miracles to appear instead of chasing them

Vanity- always wanting to be the center of attention whether it’s for the kindness of my heart or for the deviousness I can’t control.

Anxiety- patience is my enemy I want the inevitable now and will not others pass me for what I deserve

Mistrust- the words of men and women control me. Distinguishing trust is difficult, and something that is impossible to comprehend.

Lust- sex, the movements, sounds and friction motivates me to no end.

Anger- easily controllable but highly combustable. I don’t hate like a heathen  but will become one at the drop of a hate.

Envy- I want what he has. I want to be like others. Similar to greed though to me you can never have enough.

If I can ever control these things I can become whatever it is I seek to be.
Until them I’m steadily trying to avoid these things that hinder me.


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