East And West

November 20, 2010

Two souls, one east, one west. Both strong, passionate, creative and thoughtful. Both know each other, both are friends connected through various mediums, the strongest being emotion. East is naive holding on to impossible dreams, west is concerned that dreams are too far away to be reached. East needs love but has been betrayed so much that is a burden, west wants love but is afraid it’s hidden too well too be found. East falls for temptation, west brings temptation but to no avail. East and west amuse each other with stories about each others deficiencies. East and west laugh, sob and shake their heads at each other. They come together every so often right in the middle. Emotions run high. Companionship is apparent, love encircles them, happiness ensues, they’re the perfect blend of perfection and imperfection. However it can’t happen nor will it ever. They are too far apart in space and in life. East is unsettled, west has a plan. East wants more fun, west wants time to slow down. So they part, no kisses, just hugs and tokens of affection so that they may remember each other and maybe they will return for their items… and each other. Until then there they are connecting as often as they can, watching over one another. Loving each other even though they can’t be together. Hopefully one day before the sun sets, east and west can make each other happy together just like they make each other happy apart.


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