The New Society Blueprint

December 8, 2010

Staring in the mirror looking at my own reflection
I think about the past and all my studies and my lessons
Was told to thank the lord count my jewels and my blessings
Cuz the world is filled with people less fortunate and stressing
Why does everything have to be hard?
From problems of reality love and your job
Everybody wants to tell you how much they love you
At the same time what they really saying is fuck you
A pawn to a king lonely soldier at war
Forced into situations that we shouldn’t ignore
This wealth redistribution, while-collar boosting
Another sad song, the new society blueprint
The less fortunate they have no say
Take a check and shut your mouth it aint worth the pay
We gonna rape and pillage everything that you own
And when you show any resistance my friend here’s the door
I thought the freedom of speech was put in place for a reason
To help us have a voice against launderers and heathens
Whatever happened to pursuit of happiness?
When did will become another happenstance
The caste system is alive and well
My bed feels like dirt and gravel after hours of hell
I know Russell said to be a great king you gotta be a servant
Didn’t know it came with lashes and getting you burned at the stake
I wonder why when I make mistakes
It immediately overshines the things I did great
And when I fight why do I become a living disease
When just a week ago I had you all down on your knees
In the end I learn I’m worth more than the perception
Of the devils leading blindly with no type of discretion
With no care for others can’t even put in our two cents
Welcome to what I call the new society blueprint


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