Holding On To What’s Already Gone

December 17, 2010

Every Fear that you felt darling I felt the same
I’m wondering when this shoes gonna fall

Seems like the more were together further we slip away
It’s like our emotions are in a endless brawl

First I love you girl then girl please get away
Dammit I hate your guts but please don’t walk away

I smile then sulk then I just pour another glass and sway
And hope this senselessness can finally just wash away

I’m too caught up girl you got me sprung
Lovely pouty lips wetness of your tongue

Girl you got me feenin even days when I get run 
Round the city make me tired wondering if all of this is worth it all.

I’m tired for real
Love is taking such a toll misery for real

But before you become like Kathy bates 
I would rather run 1000 miles and save us both from disgrace

But dammit I’m stubborn
I know that it can never work with  the negatives hovering

But once I try to tell you straight up to your face
I’m hypnotized by them eyes and now we stuck up in the same place


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