Feelings Of Joy

December 20, 2010

Some feelings never fade away. The feeling of the warm skin of the person next to you at 6am when there are no worries or cares associated with life. The tingling feeling that runs from head to toe when you receive a kiss to the back of your neck from that person of your desire. The feeling of pleasure when holding hands walking through the street on an unseasonably warm day, or when a public display of affection is welcomed in increments of 2 minutes every hour on the hour. The feeling of holding each other on a train ride into the night where you see the beauty of the skyline against a pitch black background, but it’s diminutive when compared to the beauty see in your partners hazel colored eyes. The ultimate joy that comes over you from the little things; the laugh of a past memory, the warming of each others hands, the rose from the nearby flower shop that bloomed so perfectly that you thought it had to be just for her, and her joy of holding it in her hands for hours walking around in no particular direction… just with each other. The feeling of togetherness, the happiness you bring each other. Then the feeling of loss. When it’s over it’s over. Lives must resume, the grind beckons, calls must be taken, people must be served. Through it all the feelings that you shared in a dream scenario gets you through the reality of everyday life, and the possibility of revisiting and recreating those feelings in the future makes it worth the grind.


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