7 Scenes Of Attraction

December 22, 2010

Scene 1:
All black everything, sleek, mysterious.
The smile I grew to love, the lips I finally get to feel.
The desire for each others arms the perfect touch.
A perfect beginning.

Scene 2: 
Awake. Dark rapunzel like hair that subtly caresses the face and a grin that washed away the normal intolerance for mornings. 

Scene 3:
The mellow and happiness that yellow brings. The subtlety of warm hands against cool ones. The confessions of pain that bring two together, the enjoyment that makes them one.

Scene 4:
A simple act becomes a pretty portrait. The lovely long eyelashes, then slight hint of red in her cheeks from the sips of a bloody Mary, the calm she exudes from just inches away while she taps her keys.

Scene 5: 
Hair back, eyes down focused as she whizzes around her kitchen. Her focus is impeccable. Perfectly calculated with each movement. An artistic ballet with pasta and olive oil as props. 

Scene 6: 
The mirror shows two intertwined with each other against the backdrop of night. Her head on his shoulder a chill in the air. She senses the end is near and for the first time her sadness appears like the reaper. A forgone conclusion, but sadder still.

Scene 7: 
The endless goodbye. The promises to early to be fulfilled. The hope felt from chest to arms to head that they will. The last look, turn and an end happy yet sad.


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