Under The Influence

January 11, 2011

The scenery changes but the feeling is the same. Cold wintry nights replaced by the coolness reminiscent of fall a thousand miles south. Bright lights and balconies mesmerize the eyes as mixtures of different types of liquor clouds the brain. The sounds reminiscent of Satchmo, Coltrane and Count Basie exude the history while the booming bass of Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West bring everything to the present. Despite the distractions, blinding lights and crippling cups of potion, the most powerful stimulant is the five foot six inch beautiful drug that soothes the mind with a single clasp of the hand as we take it all in side by side. The prettiest sight is not the palm trees, or the view of riverboats gliding down the river on a clear night, it’s sitting face-to-face hearing the voice of a woman whom you care for telling you the same. The calm silence of the room hovers high over the nostalgia and chaos heard below just blocks away. Yet the feeling is the exact same. Breath-taking and full of joy as we all experience pleasure under the influence.


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