Ignorance Is Bliss

March 15, 2011

Is ignorance bliss? Are the ignorant really happy? How can you be happy presenting yourself as a heathen that revels in others misery and see no shame in making public your faults that should be kept private? How do you let loose tirades of meaningless banter that make you seem like a jester in a court and do them in the presence of meek and humble? Why do you choose to live in filth where people refuse ambition, frown at opportunity and accept that their lives have no value and live as such? Have you lost purpose? Lost sight? Lost a sense of reality? Or what if this is what truly makes you happy? Maybe this is your pleasure, your passion. Maybe this is what you were born to do and born to be. Maybe ignorance is all you were taught and all that you know. Maybe this is life and you revel in it. Is it also ignorant on my behalf that I think that that’s a combination of sadness, comedy and shame?


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