The Lonely Road

March 15, 2011

This is the long journey to uncertainty. It was about four years in the making and four months in unraveling. Sitting alone with no one to talk to, to open up to, to share your miserable feelings with. I’m trapped, trapped on a dark desolate road covered with snow. I drive slowly so that I do not spin out like the poor souls that stand sideways, backwards and upside-down on this road. There isn’t a soul for miles. The snow is deceptively white to brighten the otherwise crypt-like blackness of view in front of me. I always felt like I was truly alone, but this was the assurance that I never needed. Friends can only do so much, a family that has allowed its own loneliness and solitude consume them is on their own lonely travels. I came into this world just like this. I have no choice in what is happening I have to press forward. I can’t be like these other cars that sit motionless with no sign of life and no hope for return. I’ve never been afraid of being alone, so why start now? Eventually snow melts, darkness becomes a blinding ray of light that signals the end of this nightmare. Loneliness will be replaced by the company of those that rejoice in your love. Those thoughts make this bitter cold and endless night seem worth the journey.


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