Amy Amy Amy (A Dedication To Amy Winehouse)

July 26, 2011

I loved you though I rarely knew you. You’re voice tickled my fancy. You explained love and relationships in the rawest form. We were kindred spirits though you did all of the talking and all I did was listen.

My mother didn’t appreciate you, she said you weren’t real. She didn’t know you like I did. She didn’t understand you like I did.

My friends loved you, they couldn’t get enough of you. We would sit around and listen to you for hours and when you were done you were all we could talk about.

I found you by accident. I was looking for friends of a fling named Joss Stone. She had a lovely voice and had me begging for more. 

She introduced me to Adele, Corrine Bailey Rae and Lily Allen. Yet there you were Back To Black fighting some unholy war letting your years dry on their own and I had to have you.

As much as I loved you, you angered me to know end. You kept saying no to rehab, and conceeded that I knew that you were no good. 

But I thought better of you. I heard love was blind and pleaded with you to help yourself.

So I waited and waited. Watched you slip, fall, rise and fall again. 

I wanted so desperately to here you again. I wanted you to speak to me just like you did in 2006. 

Unfortunately you couldn’t.

When you passed on Saturday. I wasn’t shocked, I had a feeling that it was coming. It saddens me that your sweet, sultry and soulful voice that could’ve taken you to heaven was damned by the tools have hell.

Though I will never here from you again I will always remember you in those fuck me pumps, lying in my bed while begging me to hold you for so long.

Those words will have to hold me forever.

Though they will, I know you had so much more to say.

Goodbye Amy. Love you and miss you.

Forever 27.


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