The First Impression

August 1, 2011

Long days made longer by that lonely feeling
Watching time fly by, beige paint peelin
The world passing right by you in a flash
Lost in a zone mesmerized by some ass
The everyday feelings become that little wheel
That the hamster steady turnin, watchin the world burnin
Pavement crackin, leaves fallin, pourin rain
Sippin on a soda as I hop up on a train
You see the same faces or so it may seem
Harry looks like Johnny, is it bobby no its Steve
Things blend together like the songs on your ipod
Coldplay, Jay, Drake, Jeezy my god
Who are you? catcher of my attention
Jorge Posada while I was pitching affection
Spotted you in the corner only got a slight view
At first thought it’s a mirage an angel at 5’2”
Face naturally beautiful barely any makeup
Blonde hair, brown eyes had my eyes in a clutch
Workin girl Louis bag to hold her macbook
Fumbles around drops her phone I just smile and look
Should I make my way over at 8 in the morning
Rush hour foot traffic seems like everyone’s swarming
Her eyes catch mine and a smiles graces her face
I think to myself, what a way to start a day


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