Getting To Know Each Other

August 2, 2011

First few texts, a bunch of silly shit
Where you work whatcha like what you eat and shit
Wait a few days then we talk again
I really dig this girl but playin cool within
Don’t wanna act desperate, don’t wanna fade away
By week 2 I finally ask you if you wanna date
Marcellas happy hour pizza and prosecco
You walked in homage tee and jeans whoa
People say first impressions mean everything
To me the second time around decides the whole game
She look better than before
Chatted past happy hour til the Reds innings was at four
Laughs by the bundle suggestions to change place
She said I live around the corner we can chill and bake
Grabbed her by the hand, skin was silky bliss
She grabs me by the shoulder, lock eyes then we kissed

It seemed like it lasted ten years
Time stood still as her face reappeared
An angel more lovely than before
A smile that seemed brighter than anything I knew before
I wanted to hold on forever
Stuck in a moment that would last through any weather
A thunderous argument, hurricane emotion
If sadness was sickness her lips were the potion
Now my minds racin hands getting busy
Walked into her place heads kind of dizzy
Told me that she really doesn’t smoke
Just wanted an excuse for both us to go home
Kisses more graphic clothes hit the floor
Laying in her bed and I’m laying in raw
All we had were hugs and smiles after we finished
And finished before Bruce won the game in the 9th inning


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