How Things Change

August 4, 2011

Who do you love that white knight in your imagination
Or the pauper in your living room thinkin bout elevation
The dream or reality happiness or salary
Would you ever sacrifice for love in the name of fallacy
Looks of discontent litter every image
We used to hold hands and laugh while making dinner
We were satisfied with cuddling watching Ratatouille
Now when I hold you you turn away like screw me
So wrong attitude so gone
Sippin Makers Mark with infomercials playing along
What the hell is feeling hell or prison
What rules did I break what laws did you make
When was it wrong to show my affection to you daily
Thought I was crazy for giving, now you’re like Robin Givens
I just want to understand you, love, compromise
When did I become a feminine specimen caught inside
A relationship that seemed to wreck into a wall
And we hit at over 100 with the pedal to the floor
We crawlin for our safety, no care for one another
We come and go no words no intrigue
I say goodbye to you no response so I seethe
No texts with smiley faces no sex in scandalous places
No kisses, no hugs we sit here like what the fuck?
I’m whining and I’m bitching way out of my position
I should be in another chick playing around in her kitchen
Instead you have a hold on me thinking about you constantly
I text you can we fix this, you respond “Honestly?”
I couldn’t tell you where we should even start
Or if its even worth it, so much strain on our hearts
I would lie and tell you that everything will be better
But I’d rather edit letters and try on Burberry sweaters
What’s for dinner? You don’t feel like cooking?
Let’s try that new place on Flushing or is it Putnam
You just want pizza, garlic sauce and breadsticks
Can’t stay up late gotta be gone by 6
Fine Liberty’s, maybe Mario’s
I’ll be home soon baby don’t let those eyes close
Talk to you later, I love you sweetheart
No reply, hangs up, now she’s gone
Another day, no compassion not a sniff
I literally don’t care, I just take it as it is


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