Living With Regrets

August 5, 2011

I wonder sometimes if you think of me maybe
Sittin on your couch watching Chelsea Lately
Maybe youll be walking down the supermarket lane
Starin at my favorite cereal and you’ll think of my name
It might sound obsessive but that’s what fuels us
Movin on to new things speedin past old love
Breakups are hard but it could be worse
Could have cancer, diabetes or maybe layin in a hearse
Instead I quit my job, sick of waiting tables
Turned back to the pen and the pad to write some fables
Put all my time and energy into writing my poetry
You told me I was spending too much time chasing the dough to see
I stopped chasing dreams stuck in reality
Maybe that’s the reason that you rolled out on me
Used to be spontaneous tryin to steal your heart
Spontaneous combustion tore us both apart
Too stubborn to admit who was right or wrong
Don’t wanna cover old tracks or sing the same song
But sometimes I wonder if we could’ve fixed it
Or were we too submissive, I’m sorry forget it
I hope your new boyfriend causes you no pain
I pray that during sex you never call my name
I try to forget you and down a little Crown Royal
But deep down you should know I still got it for you


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