The Weight Of The World

August 21, 2011

They say god never gives you more than what you can handle. He tests you, pushes, pokes and prods you. He frustrates you, makes you mad when things don’t go your way, makes you curse his name when you’re angry and makes you want to become something else that is not in his eyes. That’s why he is called the father, fathers test us, punish us, make us think about our wrong doings not to damn us but to make us better as people. They want us to learn and become better people, they want us to stand on our on two feet and practice what we preach. They want us to become outstanding men and women. They know the hardships and hard times that we face but they don’t intervene because they want us to learn. The strong get better and smarter from their tribulation, the weak make excuses and fall back into their mistakes. Yet even when things do get too hard there’s always some form of help waiting for you. It is a friend with a drink, a shoulder to lean on, a girl with ears wide open. These things are truly blessings and help to put you at ease even when you think that there is no such thing. It’s gods way of letting you know that even when things are bad and you feel like you don’t get it someone is there for you. So when you are tested just know that it is not pain god seeks, its love. When things don’t go your way stay calm and keep grinding. When you don’t like a certain situation don’t jump to conclusion, stay calm and work it out. When you feel a loved one straying don’t make accusations, talk to them and communicate. The reason you feel those burdens is because demons are the ones trying to crush you with that weight on your shoulders not god. He tests you but only so you can succeed and get rid of that weight, fathers never test you to see you fail. Once you see that then the burdens of your world won’t seem so heavy.


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