Victim Of Insecurity

August 21, 2011

You try to stop yourself

There you are in the moment an action figure making moves that you know are wrong but you can’t stop.

Words are spoken that you try to stop but can’t prevent…

Looks are given that you know everyone sees but you can’t stop your eyes from reacting…

Reactions are calculated to the point that you know the response yet you can’t help but give it away…

You are writing a script to a scenario and you try your hardest not to give away the ending…

But we all see it.

He sees it, she sees it, the people who they encounter see it and worst of all you see it first hand knowing it is the wrong course of action but can’t stop yourself.

You want to see the reaction, the ending, the action that you hope will either kill the situation or make it escalate.

However, no matter what happens you are never satisfied with the result. You’re a victim of your own insecurity and a glutton for your own punishment.

You’re not perfect and you’ve proven that fact.

You had the power to control it but you were powerless to stop it.


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