Desire Trapped In Reality

September 6, 2011

Everyone wants something so bad that it makes them hurt. It happens once or twice in a lifetime and sticks with you for long periods of time. It doesn’t make you less of a man, or a docile female, it’s just natural to want something that isn’t easily obtainable. It’s natural to think about it for hours on end from sun up to sun down. It is a desire, desires are what motivates us to do what we do whether it’s fly across country to see someone you love, giving your heart to someone to make them feel special or placing yourself second in anything just for a smile. What hurts is when you can’t reach your desire. Life gets in the way, work prohibits your movements, past mistakes constantly block what you truly want even if it seems impossible to have. That’s when desires become fantasies and you relive it over and over in your head until you lose focus on the ground beneath you. When you do regain your sense of reality that’s where the hurt us. Women hurt you, men use you, trust can’t be given because everything around you isn’t worthy of trust. So you slip back into your fantasy world for better or for worse. You still have a dream to reach your desire even though time may have past or things change in dramatic fashion. For some of us its all we truly have left, a beautifully happy fantasy trapped in a harsh cruel reality.


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