So Far Yet So Close

September 10, 2011

We sleep in different beds hundreds of miles apart, yet I hear you breathing.

We work opposite hours yet find the perfect time for each other.

We comfort each other through the lines of communication and our voices are the soothing touch of each others hands massaging away the hard day.

Our days are uneventful yet riveting when we tell them to each other.

It’s not the tension of missed orders or whiny customers that gets us going, but the fact that we can hear each other that makes us jump a bit.

Once the day ends and we tuck ourselves in were remorseful in the fact that we can’t hold each other til we pass out. Yet the thought of one another makes sleeping easier.

We don’t see each other much, but when we do it’s worth the wait. The though of us being together for a day or two makes this distance apart seem like nothing at all.


2 Responses to “So Far Yet So Close”

  1. Beautiful…The haunting pangs of love that drive us onward into another day.

  2. namelessneed Says:

    longdistant love, I can relate
    thanx for sharing

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