Cool Fall Nights

September 27, 2011

Those quiet cool fall nights

The serenity of the indoors, calming the senses and relaxing the mind

The sight and comfort of one woman as opposed to the throngs of many harlots crowding one area

The sight of a million women dolled up for show can’t match the beauty of one woman in plain clothes who treats you like her personal plush toy

The ease of one night where a clear head controls your actions as opposed to so many nights have been spent in an alcohol infused pleasure land where the faces you see are more tolerated than enjoyed

the peace and tranquility of a film on low volume and her head laying on your chest as opposed to the thumping bass from the speakers of a club and the uncertainty of how your night will end

Calm and quiet replace boisterousness and fury

These are nights I am not accustomed to, but can surely adjust to


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