East Longs For West

January 21, 2012

East sees west in ways it could only imagine. The time span in between both is great but its manageable. East will wait up for hours past the last ray of light to hear wests voice. East wants to be the last prism in wests horizon before they part until day break. East will brave long hours, sleepless nights, tiresome days and various aches and pains to show west what love truly is. East sometimes wonders if its worth it. Should there be a search for a love closer to home, should there be a hunt for a love that is more convienient to satisfy in its own backyard and save its health and peace of mind. But the feeling isnt the same, love knows no time zone. Rest is a foreign language, sleep is temporary, love is forever. So east tredges along hoping one day it will meet west and they watch the sunset together. Falling asleep in a timely manner in each others arms. Wouldnt that be worth all those sleepless nights of happiness.


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