Pictures And Words

January 21, 2012

Through pictures and words I know you. Through gazes into still life imagery I can feel the warmth of your eyes, the comfort of your smile and the tantalizing sensation of the female body. From the view of your words I sense your moods from happy to sad. I know when to laugh, smile, console and uplift. You are book worth reading over and over and there is no want or reason to put you down. Pictures and words are our only means of communication, yet its meaning and influence is stronger than most people could ever feel face to face.


One Response to “Pictures And Words”

  1. Eric Alagan Says:

    That is a nice approach > you have said all you wanted to say, now I am reading you literally like a book. Slim chance of misunderstanding even if I walk away and return later. No chance of we interrupting each other. Perfect communication, I reckon.

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