Haiku 6

January 21, 2012

I dont trust you pain
I scour at your doldrums
But who will help you?


Haiku 5

January 21, 2012

A life of peril
A year of pain and sorrow
A day of rebirth

Pictures And Words

January 21, 2012

Through pictures and words I know you. Through gazes into still life imagery I can feel the warmth of your eyes, the comfort of your smile and the tantalizing sensation of the female body. From the view of your words I sense your moods from happy to sad. I know when to laugh, smile, console and uplift. You are book worth reading over and over and there is no want or reason to put you down. Pictures and words are our only means of communication, yet its meaning and influence is stronger than most people could ever feel face to face.

East Longs For West

January 21, 2012

East sees west in ways it could only imagine. The time span in between both is great but its manageable. East will wait up for hours past the last ray of light to hear wests voice. East wants to be the last prism in wests horizon before they part until day break. East will brave long hours, sleepless nights, tiresome days and various aches and pains to show west what love truly is. East sometimes wonders if its worth it. Should there be a search for a love closer to home, should there be a hunt for a love that is more convienient to satisfy in its own backyard and save its health and peace of mind. But the feeling isnt the same, love knows no time zone. Rest is a foreign language, sleep is temporary, love is forever. So east tredges along hoping one day it will meet west and they watch the sunset together. Falling asleep in a timely manner in each others arms. Wouldnt that be worth all those sleepless nights of happiness.

Love’s Satisfaction

January 13, 2012

Sensual soothing lips, a cool combination of chamomile and a soft ocean breeze. A warm embrace so satisfying that no man wishes to be realeased from its comforting grip. So pure a soul its to be measured against others if this companship should fail. Yet how can this fail when the answer to lifes hardships and stress lay in your temptuous eyes and welcoming caress

Haiku 4

January 9, 2012

Pleasure found in lust
Satisfaction found through touch
Loniness after

Melissa’s Ballad

January 9, 2012

Miss melissa exudes beauty that most women could only dream of. Her sweetness is far more priceless than paintings in paris and her looks exceed the bluest of carribean seas. She is soothing to the touch and brings peace and comfort with her heavenly voice. Someday some man will find true happiness within her comforting arms and soothing soul and they will rejoice with great pleasure in the unlimited happiness that they find within a simple touch, kiss and hug from a blessing in the form of a beautiful woman that god has bestowed upon them.

Cool Fall Nights

September 27, 2011

Those quiet cool fall nights

The serenity of the indoors, calming the senses and relaxing the mind

The sight and comfort of one woman as opposed to the throngs of many harlots crowding one area

The sight of a million women dolled up for show can’t match the beauty of one woman in plain clothes who treats you like her personal plush toy

The ease of one night where a clear head controls your actions as opposed to so many nights have been spent in an alcohol infused pleasure land where the faces you see are more tolerated than enjoyed

the peace and tranquility of a film on low volume and her head laying on your chest as opposed to the thumping bass from the speakers of a club and the uncertainty of how your night will end

Calm and quiet replace boisterousness and fury

These are nights I am not accustomed to, but can surely adjust to

Murder To Negligence

September 22, 2011


This is dedicated to your boy troy Davis
Rest in peace may god carry you safe kid
Away from all of the bullshit and dirty lies
Where dirty villains left stains all over your white nikes
Convicted criminal question mark after that
No proper evidence jury must’ve had cataracts
Or maybe blind from the color of your skin tone
They mustve forgotten that theres no more Jim crow
One dead in the street and one dead in a cell
Neither deserved their fate but one was reserved to hell
How can you convict a man when 7 stories ain’t straight
More proof that racism belongs on the front page
No care for justice the bottom line is what mattered
A prior gun charge was enough to quiet the chatter
But priors don’t really matter when your facing a fate
That wasn’t meant for you in a forever tainted state

The crime didn’t matter being black is all that mattered
A nigga is still a nigga the situation don’t matter
No thoughts for his family to hell with individual
For 20 years he waited for justice so miserable
Innocent he pleaded but a murdered policeman
Left a city seeing red they all wanted him dead
A fight led to hope, hope led to struggle
Now it’s the final hour and what’s left of his life is rubble
I refuse to believe in a system that saw Diallo
And Sean bell get murdered no closure it’s hard to swallow
A hazy situation a witness who couldn’t make out
The shooter or bystander who spent his life in the slammer
Waiting for an ending that he doesn’t deserve
Sentenced by a jury who couldnt care for his words
Enough to make a smart decision and give him a fair shake
Rest in peace my brother I’ll say a prayer in your name

Black negligence ignorance stress and shit
Fighting over bullshit empty out a full clip
Nigga shit radio gangstas cursing and wildin
silly shit, shots thrown most of they minds gone
The same day a rich Nigga hates on a rich nigga
An innocent nigga laying in a ditch nigga
So stop the bullshit it’s all foolish
Sorry I don’t mean to speak like I’m inside the pulpit
I just know in the history of men
That the bullshit done to niggas in this region ain’t pretend
Remember emmitt till water hoses and shit
It’s spread to James Anderson and even jena 6
Mississippi tried to kill mixed marriages
Stuck in the days of horse and carriages
The world evolving yet these fools still slow
They only care for niggas when they screaming roll tide roll
War eagle, rocky top, between the hedges and the grove
Once the game ends the story never gets old
Now I aint gonna act like it’s only in the south
L.A. cops bet Rodney king til he was bleeding from the mouth
And the New York rap sheet is something like newsweek
Yet we walk around still thinking shit is sweet
Thats why Cube wrote fuck the police
Satan’s helpers, why we call them the beast
No justice, no love
All pain, all slugs
Mama tears, same for children
Makes you wonder when the bullshit will end
No more mumia’s no Troy Davis
No more excuses from all the naysayers
How much longer will these fools all pretend
That this shit doesn’t matter until it happens again


September 20, 2011

The first thought on my brain as I awake

The reason why I smile when no one is around

The first thought that comes to mind when I see yellow and black

What cheers me up when I’m having a bad day

What I think about when there’s nothing to do

Who makes me happy whenever a text is answered

Who’s voice sounds soothing when you’ve dealt with chaos all day

Who’s lips I miss

Who’s body I miss holding while lying together either at night or on the morning

Who I miss when they say goodbye

Who I anxiously await to hear from tomorrow

The last thought I think of before I sleep

Who makes me happy day in and day out…